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FAQ - Ashley Muné

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use the soap with a towel or just the bar?

Yes, use a wash cloth, as you would with other soaps

Can I alternate with the face soaps?

I wouldn’t recommend using the more powerful soaps (Monster and Sunburst) together, and/or in the same week, until you know it’s ok for you! I alternate between my Monster, Sunburst, Refreshing Rosa, and Jane. If you have a mild cleanser you use, alternate with that.

You should ALWAYS alternate, with anything. It’s LIKE you’re always giving your body something new, to look forward to, and therefore, it responds, accordingly!

I have sensitive skin with acne; what would be good for me?

Monster soap will rid you of acne, while thoroughly cleansing, without over drying. Jane is plain, and for moisturizing, yet still healing. Alternate between the 2.

All of Soap by Ashley Muné 👄 is safe for the sensitive skinned!

I want something to make me not dry; what do you have for that?

All of my soaps thoroughly cleanse, without drying you out, and your skin will feel tight, yet soft. I understand that everyone may not have the same experience, just as with any other product, but thus far, EVERYONE has! I strive to make soaps that has all in one: moisturizing, thoroughly cleansing, AND healing! THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TIGHTENING EFFECT MY SOAPS PROVIDE VERSUS A DRYNESS. Pay attention to your skin to understand it.

The pleasant aromas are just extras!

How do you make it?

I have incorporated my herbal and holistic health studies into my soap making. I came up with my own formulas, for each of my soaps, starting with the lye process. Oils used to create my soaps, are also oils that I use for internal, natural healing.

What's your base?

What I can tell you, is that my base ingredients are plant based….

Can the soap be used for the genitals?

Yes….and by genitals, I’m assuming you mean just the vaginal lips, right….because only water should go in between the lips, to cleanse, and if you are feeling the need to soap in between the lips, you’ve got to switch up your diet….drink no less than 3L-Gallon of spring water and/or healthy pH water, eat a LOT of fruit, stay away from sugar, and sodas, etc…but really eat a lot of fruit…as in every day.. starting first thing in the morning! Create proper balance!

Can I use them on my body every day?

Yes, all soaps can be used on body, daily! Wash your hair with them too!

What do you have that smells good?

All Soap by Ashley Muné 👄 have pleasant aromas, and they all have their own distinct benefit. Your choice is based on YOUR preference.

How long does the soap last?

I expect it to last 1.5 to 2 weeks, depending on how often you use, how many people are using, and how you take care of your bar; it’s best to leave your bars to dry after use, versus soaking in its own moisture.

What should I use to moisturize after?

Most users don’t necessarily need moisturizer immediately after cleansing, but for those who would, I recommend a natural, non-comedegenic (doesn’t block pores) moisturizer to compliment the benefits/make of the soap.

I do provide Citrus Silk, Jane in a Jar, and
Suede Suga Cream moisturizers that I make, which are extensions of my soaps.
I will add more moisturizes in the future!

What dyes do you use?

Our medicinal soaps
(which are 100% natural)
only have plants and/or clays as “colorants”.

Our recreational soaps
(which are 90-96% natural)
only have cosmetic mica.